Car Servicing Myths

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Car Servicing Myths

What the big car companies do not want you to know about servicing your new car.

The large car companies would have you believe that unless you service your new car at their service facility you will void your warranty. This is COMPLETELY FALSE.

The only caviat when performing any form of warranty servicing is you must use genuine manufacturer parts.

Accelerate Automotive always use the manufacturer recommended and genuine parts for your new car log book servicing.

It is also not uncommon to see car servicing for $99 or less. Complete car servicings cannot be performed to a high standard at this rate. Some of the short-cuts that these operators use to snare your business include:

  • Using re-cycled oil;
  • Using non authorised and cheap parts and filters; and
  • Work is performed by low cost staff (apprentices) with little or no supervision.

We also find that many factory car repairers send their too hard jobs to us as most of their labour force are low skilled apprentices.

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Customer Lounge

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Personal Service

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We supply & fit a huge range of car accessories.

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