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The modern workshop at Coopers Plains completes the final phase of our commitment to our professional goals of providing the best maintenance and repair facility in Brisbane for your car.

Some of the benefits we can offer you include:

  • Only using fully-qualified technicians with many years experience
  • Providing a modern state-of-the-art maintenance facility with the very latest diagnostic equipment
  • Multiple auto electricians available for all your auto electrical needs
  • Only using the best (authorised) parts, oils, lubricants and accessories; and
  • Providing a personalised service where you can actually discuss any issues with the technicians working on your car.

Due to our extensive experience we can service all makes and models, but specialise in European vehicles such as Mercedes Benz and BMW.

Service by make

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Ask the Mechanic

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How often should I service my car?

So, what’s the magic number? Well, most car manufacturers suggest every six months to a year or every 10,000kms, whichever comes first. But keep in mind, this is just for an average vehicle. Cars that perform more heavy duty tasks are advised to have more frequent services. Plus, if you drive an older car, it might be worth booking in a little earlier and keeping a close eye on your odometer. Good mechanical repairers should look at your car and individually diagnose it (just like if it were a person going to the doctor - everyone’s different!).