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Diesel Servicing in Brisbane

Everything your diesel vehicle needs from servicing to repairs, we can take care of it all. Got a question or need advice? Call or book online with us today. 

Servicing a diesel engine is very important in maintaining its good working order. Finding a competent service facility that is well versed in dealing with diesel engines as this particular type of engine is usually complex and requires more attention. A good diesel vehicle servicing will first determine the nature of the problem, advise the correct step for handling the problem and get you on your way. Accelerate Automotive are specialised experts in servicing European diesel engines in Brisbane, who can give your car the required attention it needs. 

Diesel Intake Cleaning

  • Rough idle?
  • Poor performance?
  • EGR code being set?
  • Other drivability problems?

Sometimes this simple service is all your diesel engine needs and will make your vehicle drive like new. 

Diesel Injector Repairs and Replacement

No diesel job is too big. We can replace your leaking diesel injectors and calibrate them to suit your vehicle. We can also reseal leaking injectors where possible, to save on the cost of new injectors. 

Diesel Fault Diagnoses

Your diesel engine is controlled by a computer (also known as an ECU). That’s why it starts so easily, runs so well, passes its emissions testing, and gets great fuel mileage. When it does not perform well, we can fix it.

  • Specialists diagnostic equipment
  • Quality/OEM parts
  • Factory-trained technicians.

Our friendly staff will also take the time to educate you about the parts and how they work together to run the vehicle in the most efficient way possible. We think keeping you informed is an important step in the process of offering a service you can not only rely on but also trust.

Diagnosed Correctly – Fixed Right – the First Time

That’s Accelerate Automotive!

Ask the Mechanic

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How often should I service my car?

So, what’s the magic number? Well, most car manufacturers suggest every six months to a year or every 10,000kms, whichever comes first. But keep in mind, this is just for an average vehicle. Cars that perform more heavy duty tasks are advised to have more frequent services. Plus, if you drive an older car, it might be worth booking in a little earlier and keeping a close eye on your odometer. Good mechanical repairers should look at your car and individually diagnose it (just like if it were a person going to the doctor - everyone’s different!).