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A black Toyota Hilux parked in front of a garage, transformed from 'Everyday' to 'Out-of-this-World'.

How to take a Hilux from ‘Everyday’ to ‘Out-of-this-World’

Strap in for an almighty offroad Toyota Hilux transformation.

If servicing European vehicles is our bread and butter, then transforming 4 x 4 dual cab utes into the ultimate offroad adventure steeds is our dessert. They’re a delicious treat in between all of the incredible premium vehicles we get under the bonnets of every day.

We recently had the pleasure of indulging in some comprehensive modifications for a brand-new Toyota Hilux Rugged-X that was destined for the rugged terrain of Northern Queensland’s Cape York. Anyone who’s tackled the roads up north will know that a regular ute just won’t cut the mustard.

Sure, the one-tonne Rugged-X may have been designed to cruise through Australia’s toughest environments, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be tweaked to totally dominate them, and we were very excited to be doing the tweaking.

So, let’s cruise through the modifications completed here in the Accelerate Automotive garage for this sleek black beauty.

Fine tuning the HILUX

First things first, we installed a set of 17x9 Fuel Vector rims, paired with a fresh set of Yokohama Geolandar All-Terrain tyres. Behind the wheels is a set of Ironman Upper Control Arms and Dobinson MRA fully-adjustable damping setting suspension, which will allow for some fine-tuning along the corrugated roads of The Cape. The combination makes for an ultra-smooth ride along some mighty windy roads.

Adjusting the rear

To ensure the camper trailer that the Rugged-X will be towing remains charged throughout the journey, we fitted an Anderson Power Supply plug to the rear so it can securely charge on the road.

Turbocharging under the bonnet

Lifting up the lid, we fitted a Direction Plus Filter to the fuel system, which will eliminate any possible contamination once they’ve hit the road. We also installed a set of Blackhawk Diff Breathers throughout the vehicle, as well as some additional electrical for our break controllers and Anderson Plug. We’ve then fitted an ARB Single On-Board Air Compressor on a Scrub King Compressor Mount Kit, which will keep the tyres pumping up and down with every twist and turn the Rugged-X takes.

Bolstering the front

There are big towing plans for this beauty, which is why it needs a transmission cooler. We’ve opted for the Direction Plus Transmission Oil Cooler, fitted neatly behind the grill. This particular vehicle also came with some factory-fitted features up front, including a winch, bulbar and snorkel.

Tweaking the interior

Open the door and you’ll see the Tow-pro Elite break controller button beside the steering wheel, allowing some fine tuning of the trailer breaks.

And that’s it! As you can no doubt tell, we’re a little obsessed with this vehicle, even more so now that it’s better equipped to tackle even the toughest terrain. Stay tuned for some pictures from the Cape York road trip!

hilux Modification overview


  • Factory fitted winch
  • Factory fitted bulbar and recovery points
  • Factory fitted snorkel
  • Factory fitted sliders
  • Electric tonneau blind
  • Rhino tub lining
  • ARB baserack

Here at Accelerate Automotive, we’re proud to give vehicles – 4WD or otherwise – the TLC they need to run like well-oiled machines. Our specialist mechanics are expert-trained to handle, service and modify your vehicle so it’s always driving to the best of its potential. If you’d like to know more about our personalised car modifications, get in touch. To hear about how the Hilux went at Cape York read our blog.

Author: Alan Wall

Date: July 2022

alan Wall

alan Wall

35+ years of leading european vehicle industry experience.

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A performance enhanced 4x4 is driving over a log in the woods while off-roading.

Rexy the Toyota Hilux Rugged-X recently made his Cape York debut and lived to tell the tale.