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A man working on a European car engine showing the importance of investing in a specialist mechanic.

Here’s why it’s best to invest in a Specialist Mechanic

Here’s why it pays to pick an specialist mechanic over a generalist.

Generally speaking, when something’s broken, we visit a specialist. Whether it’s a heart, an arm, an air conditioner or a contract, it’s the experts that can best sort you out. That’s because a specialist is a master of their trade. They’ve put in the hard yards to know their field inside and out so you can rest easy knowing you’re in the best possible hands.

It’s the same with cars. The automotive industry is a broad field. It includes the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and selling of motor vehicles such as cars, utes, scooters, trucks, buses and tractors. It’s a lot, and chances are no one persons or business could master it all. As European vehicle specialists, we do one thing and we do it damn well (in fact, better than anyone else) – European vehicle servicing.

Here's why it pays to pick a specialist like us over a generic mechanic when it comes time to getting your European vehicle serviced.

The expertise you can’t beat

Like we said, specialists are experts. When it comes to the auto electrics – or the ‘guts’ – of a vehicle, European cars themselves are a completely different kettle of fish when compared to, say, a Toyota. They’ve got the best gadgets and often the most complex electrical systems, so when you get under the hood, you can’t just ‘wing it’. You need to know every belt and cylinder like the back of your hand.

A workshop like Accelerate Automotive, that specialises in European vehicles, understands that the top-shelf technology under the bonnet requires a little more care and attention than your everyday vehicle. They also require specialist parts and equipment to ensure you retain the prestige and luxury your car drove off the showroom floor with, which takes us to our next point.

A specialist mechanic knows the parts you need

It’s all well and good to replace a premium part with generic equipment, but if you’ve bought a premium car like a Porsche, chances are you’ll want to retain its premium status across every part. That’s because you’ve purchased a vehicle that delivers on superior quality and performance in every single way.

By putting your car in the hands of a specialist mechanic, you’re ensuring your vehicle will be equipped with all the imported parts it requires to run at peak performance. Opting for a generic garage sees you run the risk of having car parts swapped for cheap and lacklustre alternatives that could even compromise the safety of your vehicle.

So, if you want to retain the quality and prestige of your European vehicle, it should only ever be serviced by a mechanic who can guarantee the parts and service to match it.

The service you deserve

Making the choice to get your European vehicle serviced by a specialist means you’ll receive personalised car servicing by someone who truly understands how your vehicle ticks. It’s certainly the case here at Accelerate Automotive.

It’s no secret that we absolutely love what we do, and we believe this passion fuels our superior servicing. We have strong and enduring relationships with all of our customers because every time they drive in, we take the time to sit down and understand their needs so they can drive away at the end of the service with their expectations exceeded.

Our superior quality services means highly experienced mechanics, loan cars, the latest diagnostic tools, superior parts, coffee at drop-off, personally selected complimentary car diffusers and friendly service are all staples of our servicing experience. Frankly, you don’t deserve any less.

The price you can afford

Accelerate Automotive was born from the desire to offer European drivers a better alternative when it comes to getting their cars serviced. One of the ways we wanted to change the game was with affordable pricing. Our founders, Alan and Carl, saw that people were paying way too much at dealerships for a surface-level service. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to not only surpass their standard of servicing but to do it at a price that provides you with good value and quality.

Here at Accelerate Automotive, we’re proud to be specialists in the service and maintenance of European vehicles. Giving them the care and attention they deserve is what we do best. If you’d like to know more about our personalised prestige car servicingget in touch.