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Best European car brand

The BEST European Car Brand to Consider in 2024

This is the question we get asked most as a European car service and maintenance
provider. What is the best European Car Brand.

In the automotive world, European cars are celebrated as some of the most iconic and coveted in the world. This is thanks to their reputation for performance, power, braking and handling, which comes down to their expensive parts and sturdy design. Each of these also has the appeal of their ‘premium’ status, which is often reflected in first-class detailing and sleek features. Germany in particular is an automotive powerhouse when it comes to producing luxury cars, laying claim to Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen and Porsche.

But which is the best European car brand is best?
Here is what our in-house automotive experts think.


Audi is renowned as one of the most reliable European car makes on the market. Their vehicles strike a brilliant balance between performance and comfort, offering sleek and sophisticated designs that still pack a punch when you’re behind the wheel.

Another perk of picking an Audi is their innovative technology and luxurious interiors. In almost every modern model, you can expect a spacious layout, streamlined cabin, and full suite of features that tick almost every tech box.

In terms of protection, Audi vehicles these days come complete with a comprehensive suite of active and passive safety and driver assistance features. You can also take your pick of electric and hybrid models, giving you the added benefit of fuel efficiency and lower environmental impact.

Giving Audi extra appeal down here in Australia this year will be the introduction of the Audi Q4 E-Tron – a brand new compact electric SUV. Carsales has also report that Audi’s 2024 line-up will receive a widespread safety upgrade, giving the European make an extra tick.


Nearly 100 years old, Mercedes-Benz has built a name for itself as being one of the most popular luxury car brands in the word. Like Audi, it has a reputation for its steadfast reliability, seeing many well-maintained vehicles last for decades. However, it’s the engineering and overall quality that puts Mercedes-Benz laps ahead of other makes.

Powerful yet efficient engines coupled with a superior transmission system make them a pleasure to drive, even just to the supermarket. In terms of comfort, Mercedes-Benz vehicles offer a ‘classic’ kind of luxury. Great care and precision goes into assembling every vehicle, creating an intuitive human experience in every machine.

What’s getting everyone excited about Mercedes-Benz in Australia is the newly arrived 2024 E-Class sedan, which promises a revamped design and standard hybrid powertrain options. A new GLS range has already recently entered showrooms (with a price tag starting at $184,900), capturing the attention of SUV drivers keen to upgrade to something both flashy and functional.


Possibly the most iconic European car make, BMW is also one of the oldest. With a lengthy track record for delivering on exceptional build quality, BMWs tend to offer a level of performance that makes these luxury vehicles nothing short of ‘fun’ to drive.

Power underpins almost every model, and there are many. With variety on its side, as well as a strong sense of prestige, a BMW is the perfect choice for drivers who value luxury with a ‘sporty’ edge.

2024 will be a big year Down Under for BMW with the addition of the X2 and iX2 to the line-up, provided a coupe-style version of the X1 and iX1 that looks even sleeker and sportier than ever.


As of 2022, the Volkswagen Group is the largest car manufacturer in the world, which means they must be doing something right.

First and foremost, Volkswagens have the appeal of affordability for those who aren’t interested in splashing too much cash on a luxury vehicle. Starting at $30,000, a brand new VW is an appealing option for drivers who value safety, reliability and reasonable comfort.

Durable mechanics, reasonable running costs and innovative technology also ensure you’re always getting good bang for your buck.

Volkswagen will be stealing the spotlight in 2024 here in Australia when it introduces the T7 Multivan later this year – an almost futuristic take on the iconic Combi that will put nostalgia to the test, perhaps tempting people-mover owners to contemplate something with more ‘cool’ factor.


The priciest of the bunch, Porsche is world-renowned for producing high-performance sports cars that really turn heads. Powerful, precise handling is a hallmark of Porsche vehicles, as is a striking design including the iconic forward-extended bonnet.

Popular with auto enthusiasts, a Porsche tends to offer more speed and engine power than any of the makes above, due in part to its legendary reputation for delivering high-performance vehicles. Unfortunately, this can at times lead to higher maintenance and repair costs.

Here in Australia, 2024 will mark the release of Porsche’s final petrol powered vehicle – the Panamera. Available in both V6 and V8 options, what it lacks in sustainable power, it compensates for with a teched-up interior. Devout Porsche fans that value the ‘traditional’ driving experience will be putting their hands up for the Panamera before the car maker goes in the way of most of its competitors in refocussing production towards a more electric-powered future for it vehicles.

Which is the best European car make?

When it comes down to it, each make has its own perks. The question you need to ask yourself is, ‘what do I value most?’

Is it stylish performance (Audi), superior engineering (Mercedes-Benz), ‘fun’ driving (BMW), affordable luxury (Volkswagen), or unrivalled power (Porsche)?

Regardless of what you choose, any European vehicle requires specialist servicing and maintenance to preserve its luxury driving experience, reliability and safety.

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Author: Team Accelerate