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A person seated at a desk discusses with another who is standing, while a sign in the background reads "Accelerate," hinting at the new car service.

Consider skipping the dealership for your new car service

A specialist mechanic can save you time, money and peace of mind.

It can be tempting to opt for the prepaid capped-price new car service option when purchasing a new car. There’s something ‘comforting’ about returning it to the dealership you bought it from. However, in actual fact, you could be doing your vehicle a disservice by not shopping around.

If you’ve been lucky enough to enjoy a recent upgrade, here are a few reasons you should consider getting it serviced with a specialist mechanic instead of the dealership.

It can be costly

You may not realise it when you’re bolting a couple of grand onto the major cost of a brand new car, but dealership servicing (prepaid or otherwise) is often the more expensive option. That’s because they know that having it ‘properly’ serviced by the very same people you bought it from affords you a certain peace of mind, so – to some degree – they can dictate the prices. Because surely no one knows your car better, right?

The skills and experience of specialist mechanics often surpasses that of an in-house dealership service. That’s because 100% of an independent operation is dedicated to servicing and repairing vehicles, which means they’ve likely been under a lot more of them.

You may think that a dealership would have better access to the parts your specific make and model requires, not necessarily.

A dealership will certainly have the factory parts, but you’ll likely pay a lot more for them than if you had the option of different brands and price points that don’t compromise on quality at all.

You’ll likely become a victim of ‘upselling’

You could be forgiven for assuming you’d escaped unexpected servicing costs when opting for capped-price servicing. However, it often comes with a string of exclusions in the fine print that could see you pay a lot more than you expected.

Similarly, you may come to collect your car after its service, only to be on the receiving end of a sales pitch for products or accessories you neither want nor need. This is often where dealerships make their biggest markups.

Here’s something to keep in mind when booking your next service – at the end of the day, dealerships are home to salesmen. They make a living from making sales, whereas specialist mechanics tend to make a living by delivering quality service at a reliable price that sees you return every 6-12 months. That kind of loyalty can only be bought by true transparency.

You’ll never meet your mechanic

You wouldn’t go to the vet, the dentist or the doctor without ever meeting the specialist, so why should it be any different with cars?

At a dealership, you’ll likely never meet the person who serviced your vehicle; you’ll only ever deal with the front desk. But as with a pet, tooth filling or general check-up, you want to hear directly from the expert about what needs fixing and why.

Specialist mechanics take great pride in being able to talk you through the condition of your vehicle. In fact, it’s very likely that the person who hands you back your keys was the same one that was under the bonnet.

When you’re largely unfamiliar with the automotive world, it can also be invaluable to understand exactly what your vehicle underwent during its service. Similarly, it’s important you’re aware of the status of crucial parts and what may need fine-tuning in the near future.

It’s your choice – so choose the experts

One common reservation that new car owners have about going with an independent automotive service centre is that it could void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Rest assured that isn’t true.

In Australia, the law states that there is no requirement for a vehicle to be serviced by an authorised dealer in order to retain your manufacturer warranty.

If it’s your car, it’s your choice.

And that’s why, here at Accelerate Automotive, we give your car the service it deserves. Our friendly staff don’t just take the time to help you understand every cog in your machine; they also keep you informed of everything we do along the way (and exactly what it will cost). That’s what makes us Brisbane’s most trusted European car mechanic.

Because giving your car the care and attention it deserves is what we do best.

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Author: Ange Wall

Date: May 2024